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Glide into your Pilates class

Gliding discs, sliders or even paper plates is an easy piece of apparatus to get a good workout.

The reason slider exercises are so difficult is that they change the amount of friction that exists between your body and the ground. When you use gliders, you have to really dig your foot or hand into them to control the movement and stop yourself from sliding all over the place. When you're pressing on a glider, you're essentially pushing force into the ground and since the ground doesn’t move under you, it presses tension back up onto you. Your muscles especially your core, have to really engage to fight back against that force and keep your body stable, which means you'll be working hard throughout the entire movement.

There are many benefits to using the glider:

  • Light and easy to pack if you are travelling (you can also use paper plates)

  • Requires good mind-body connection - needs to be done with good form and alignment.

  • Adds dynamic movement to your strength workout.

  • Releases endorphins and helps manage stress and mood.

  • Gives you a full-body workout with a special emphasis on core strength and stability.

  • Helps with balance and coordination.

Here are a couple of exercises to ensure a full body workout:



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