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Running to the Rhône River

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Today’s run began in Annemasse as we headed to the Rhone River. This is about 18km in distance. I had my own geologist guide who taught me that we were heading to La Jonction, the confluence of two rivers namely the Rhône and the Arve.

The rivers have different colours and, when meeting, their waters mix together into one final river called the Rhône. On the right, you can see the Arve which is a light milky colour and originates from the Alps (in Chamonix). This river has high turbulent energy which causes its light colour as it carries a large amount of eroded sediment. On the left is the Rhône River which flows out of Lake Geneva and this water is absolutely crystal clear. This is due to the low energy or a less turbulent flow. For a good view of this phenomenon, we got an aerial view of this from the Viaduc de la Jonction bridge. Running as a reflection is always a beautiful way to explore, and learn.



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