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Screen time leading to weak cores in children

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Now more than ever kids are moving less and spending far more time in front of their screens which is leading to weak cores and an inability to carry out basic tasks with good posture such as walk, stand and sit. Pilates for kids is a fun way to exercise and strengthen the core muscles. Core strength refers to the balanced development of the muscles in your abdominals, pelvis, lower back, diaphragm and around the hips. It is the ability of all these muscles to work together that enables us to stabilise the body during movement. Strong cores are the building blocks for developing gross motor skills and fine motor skills, and if your child has a weak core it is difficult for them to maintain a stable base enabling coordination of the arms and legs. Pilates is a low intensity form of exercise and place minimal strain on joints. It places adequate weight on bones leading to bone formation and strengthening for kids. Deep stabilizing muscles need to work and leads to good posture and alignment.

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