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Be the Best Dressed for Pilates

When coming into a Pilates studio for the first time it can be an intimidating environment. The movements are unfamiliar, and the equipment can look daunting so we are here to help make your life easier. The reality is that choosing the wrong attire can be distracting for the instructor and for you!

Do’s and don’ts.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and that allows you to move without restriction or concern.

  • Choose good quality tights or leggings from well-regarded brands. See-through and low-cut tights are not going to make you feel comfortable whilst moving. Higher waistbands are your best friend - no one likes losing their pants in class. If you are a guy, keep it wrapped.

  • An instructor always prefers a slightly tighter/slim-fitting outfit to see alignment easily.

  • Avoid distractions such as many patterns/stripes. This can be challenging for the instructor to see posture and alignment.

  • It’s hard to focus on your own form if you’re pulling on your bra straps or underwear or moving your jewelry. While Pilates isn’t as much of a sweat fest, you can build up a pretty glow. Don’t plan to wear your Pilates kit and expect to go out on a dinner date afterward.

  • Back zippers, tie-back tops, belts, drawstrings, and tassels are not ideal as they stop the flow of movement or get caught on the mat/equipment.

  • If you have sticky socks this is great to avoid slipping and sliding. Pilates is done barefoot.

  • If you have long hair - tame your mane - tie it up.

  • Avoid wearing makeup and scented products as they can stain the mat/apparatus.

The key to Pilates is your form, and your instructor will need to assess your body alignment and symmetry. There is enough to think about in your Pilates session. Make sure you feel comfortable moving and training.



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