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For many of us Pilates Instructors' we look for purpose in life.

Read what Chi say about her jobs: Chi says: "Working with the “whole” mind, body, spirit, posture, alignment, functional movement, rehabilitation, re-training of the body and mind, meeting new people, working in different spaces and places are all things that truly excite me! In my own body and in my own mind I find the BASI work to be a safe place to heal, mindfully move, be

present, and go deep within to get the best out of myself. It is far greater than just movement. To facilitate this growth within others, to pass on knowledge, to share, to care and simply being gifted with the opportunity to make people feel good - feels really really REALLY good!

Being a BASI Pilates instructor allows continuous learn from an

excellent educational platform, growth, to be nugded out of my comfort zone to level up, to be an ambassador for mindful-movement and for something I believe in, love and know the benefits of. All of this personal growth, allows me to get better, be better and more than my own journey, it is about what I feel I can give, what I can pass on. It is less about what I want to gain and more about what I want to give. "



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