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Get Back On Track

At some point in our lives, we all reassess where we are at and need a little extra motivation to get back to exercising. You may have had good reasons to take a break such as; an injury, muscular aches/pains, extra responsibilities, not prioritizing exercise, time management issues, or a lack of accountability. Whether your reason is good or bad we don’t mind. You are clearly looking for that little bit of extra motivation so here goes: Just start! I am a big believer that it is good to rest, recover and take a break from exercising here and there, but when it becomes more of the norm it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

Double down on your tactics to move. Here are a couple of suggestions to break the streak of not exercising:

  • Choose what type of exercise you enjoy.

  • Find a new training habit/routine/schedule that works for you.

  • Add it to your calendar and commit to it.

  • Find someone that can help make you accountable to get to your training session. This can be a Sports Coach, Pilates Instructor, or even a friend/partner that you are meeting. Choose someone that makes training enjoyable.

  • Start small and you can slowly add time, frequency, and intensity.

You can also consider adding some more movement into your day-to-day living to get your body used to exercise again. This can include: taking the stairs, parking further away from your destination to walk more, marching while waiting for your daily cuppa, dancing to your favorite tunes, or walking (instead of driving) to your local brekkie spot. All of this counts! offers pre-recorded Pilates sessions, online and in-studio Pilates classes, and Sports Coaching.

When you start training not only you will have the endorphins flying, you will also look and feel better and have a sense of achievement. This feeling can be carried out throughout your day. And before you know it… you will be back on track!



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