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Is Pilates for every body?

And why do Pilates? And what are the benefits of doing Pilates?

Chances are you know someone who does Pilates or you have at least heard of it. Still, you might not be totally sure what it is and how it might benefit your health and fitness. The good news is that Pilates is for every body, regardless of gender, age, race, size, ability, or current fitness level. Whether you are part of the older generation, just starting to exercise, an elite athlete, or somewhere in between, the foundations of the Pilates movement apply to you and your body. Pilates focuses on gaining core strength, ideal alignment, and a sound body-mind connection. This low-impact workout is effective at strengthing, lengthening, and toning your muscles through controlled, repetitive movements.

There are many advantages to incorporating Pilates into your workout routine consider the following:

  • Awareness and centring of the body and the mind in space

  • Balance with the musculature

  • Better coordination and improved control and precision

  • Focus on breathing - oxygenates the blood, helps circulation, better sleep quality, meditative quality

  • Controlled movement

  • The efficiency of the muscles

  • Toning

  • Core strength and trunk stabilisation

  • Full body workout - addressing the whole body (and mind)

  • The balance between flexibility and strength gives you longer leaner muscles

  • Good posture, alignment and body symmetry

  • Stops aches, and risk of injury

  • Mental fitness and mental health

  • Improves sporting ability - especially from the breathing patterns which challenge your lung capacity

  • Boosts energy - releases endorphins

  • Functional everyday movement

  • Over better quality of living

Practising Pilates on a regular basis provides plenty of well-rounded benefits. Pilates gives you a better sense of self-confidence, self-control and the ability to rise to a challenge.



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