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Johlet's version of our BASI Principles

We all know the 10 principles of BASI.

Here's Johlets version of them:

1 - Awareness: it made her aware of how easily life can be taken away from you, so enjoy every moment.

2 - Balance: it's important to learn how to keep a healthy balance of everything in your life.

3 - Breath: when the going gets tough - breath!

4 - Center: check in with yourself every now and then, and find your centre again.

5 - Control: you can't control everything in your life.

6 - Concentration: it's amazing how you can trick your mind by moving your body while concentrating on each breath and move.

7 - Efficiency: she's a planner and loves making lists!

8 - Flow: her dad was a go-with-the-flow type of person and she's still working on that.

9 - Harmony: Pilates brought a lot of this into her life.

10 - Precision: she loves this one as her OCD personality tends to take over in her classes.

What are your thoughts on her principles?



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