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Meet the Enerchi Instructors!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Enerchi Fitness is Pilates and Sports Coaching for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Shona - One part of me says I would like to give ellie some cuddles. A wee chin scratch. Another part of me says ellie’s are terrifying so I would try hideaway very quietly.

Johlet - Well that’s easy, I would love it forever as elephants are my absolute favourite animal! They really are gentle giants!

Chi - Breathing in through the trunk and nod your head down, curl down to the grass. Breathe in again, and exhale lift back up to the sky.

Meet Shona

I am Shona. I am 36, married for eight years and together with husband since varsity. I am a mom of a one-year-old baba boy and I am a big hippie. I grew up in Benoni and moved to KZN to study homeopathy at Durban University in Technology. I then went on to study BASI mat work with Tash Barnard at BASI academy Durban in 2012. I went on to do the comprehensive course also with Tash in 2014. I settled back in Benoni a few years ago again. I have subsequently done Certifications for Pilates for injuries and pathologies in 2019 with Sam Wood, and Pilates for pregnancy in 2020. I also did the mentor program in 2018 with Theo Botha.

Why did you choose Pilates? I chose Pilates because I wanted a switch on a form of conditioning that builds body awareness. I wanted a mindful movement that was also practical.

What apparatus do you love and why? I love the spinal corrector as it helps me with all my specific areas of weakness. It is great for opening the shoulders and side body and hip flexors. Even though I say this now my favorite piece of equipment changes daily. As do my favorite exercises. Every time I have an a-ha moment with an exercise my excitement for it is re-invigorated.

What time of the day do you love? Definitely evenings. I am NOT a morning person!

If you had a choice between these two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? Flying definitely. Imagine being able to just up and fly where you wanted to go. Also being short it would be lovely to just fly up to get what I cannot reach!

What brand of leggings do you love to be in? Mermaids and Unicorns, funky and playful.

What type of class do you love teaching? I love privates, especially with equipment.

Have you always been this flexible? I have definitely not always this flexible although I am more strong than flexible.

Meet Johlet

I’m Johlet, an entrepreneur, married to a Mauritian and a mom of 2 under 2!

I’m very passionate about Pilates and Rebounding and completed the BASI MTTC in 2014 and the Rebound SA course in 2017. Fun fact – I used to be a flight attendant! Another passion of mine, and if I could afford it I would be getting my pilot's licence.

Why did you choose Pilates? Because there’s nothing better! Plus my dad passed away shortly after me deciding to do the course and that made me realise that this is where I’m meant to be. Pilates gave me the clarity and calmness to deal with my dad’s passing in a way that nothing else has.

What apparatus do you love and why? This is a tough one, I would love to still get my CTTC certificate to explore and experience the broader and bigger part of what Pilates has to offer. But on the mat, I would say my favourite apparatus is the Magic Circle (or ring of fire as everyone likes to call it) because it really challenges you and I quickly pick up which sides of my body needs more stabilizing when doing an MC class.

What is your favorite time to teach Pilates? Definitely mornings! It wakes up the mind and body in a way that no other workout does.

If you had a choice between these two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? FLYING!!!!

What brand of leggings do you love to be in? I’m not a very fussy person when it comes to clothing, I’m the person who wears clothing for years and nothing almost ever matches haha!

As long as nothing shows or as long as it doesn’t fall down when I’m Rebounding I’m happy.

What type of class do you love teaching? Group classes feed my energy! I love teaching a group class!

Have you always been this flexible? Definitely not! If I remember correctly I couldn’t even touch my toes when I did the course.

Meet Chi Meet our dynamic and energetic Chi, she graduated with a BA Honours in psychology, drama and education. While at Rhodes University she qualified as a Pilates and Gyrokinesis Instructor. Chi’s love for furthering her education has given her experience in teaching and learning all around the world. Her passion for movement is applied to all her different clientele’s needs. As an enthusiastic and competitive athlete and Sports Coach, it is her knowledge of the inter-relationship of body and mind that allows her to incorporate the ideal exercises to enhance your physical capabilities.

Why did you choose Pilates? I am in the business to make people feel good. Making others feel good, feels good. I love both the mind and body aspects that BASI Pilates demands.

What apparatus do you love and why? The foam roller! It is versatile and can make an exercise more supportive or challenging. As an athlete, I enjoy the feeling of releasing the fascia of my muscles through massage. I also love the beautiful back extension we can get when lying with our backs over the roller. As humans, we largely live in a world with our body in forward flexion.

What time of the day do you love? Whatever time the sun is rising or setting. There is always extra magic in the world.

If you had a choice between these two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? Definitely flying - I enjoy moving fast, efficiently, and the thrill of being up high.

What type of class do you love teaching? I love the energy of group classes. I feel my clients work best through the encouragement of a group dynamic.

Have you always been this flexible? I am still looking for my flexibility. If you find it, please let me know? I value moving in all planes and directions, yet being an athlete my body is pretty tight for a Pilates Instructor. Then again, everything is always relative. Pilates certainly makes all the difference to how mobile I feel within my own body. When I take a break from Pilates for a day or two I can certainly feel the lack of flexibility.

Would you love to get to know more about these gorgeous instructors? Book a class with them!


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