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Pilates for kids

Pilates for kids is great! Whether they are young or in their teenage years it will increase flexibility, and strengthens muscles uniformly. Pilates assists in the development of essential skills both physically and mentally. This is a great way to have fun while calming and channelling energy.

10 Benefits of Pilates:

  1. A low-impact form of exercise done at own pace and own level.

  2. Exercise specifically targeted to work on your child’s weaknesses, while still having fun. Pilates invites physical and psychological play, creating space for imagination, laughter, and space for children to just be.

  3. Teaches confidence in their body.

  4. Teaches a healthy mind-body connection.

  5. Helps with concentration - in all aspects of life.

  6. Gives good habits for life: good posture, healthy breathing, improved concentration and body awareness. There is a sense of how their bodies move and exist in space or "proprioception”. This is taught through the principles of control and precision.

  7. Improves core strength.

  8. Assists in the prevention of injury, especially for those who play a lot of sport already. The more children play sports the higher the likelihood they will get injured. It assists stabilising joints by strengthening the muscles around them while stretching tight muscles.

  9. It’s suitable for all ages from 3 years old on.

  10. Movement is an important part of your child’s development. And can be a lifestyle going forward.

The BASI Pilates Principles (awareness, breathe, balance, concentration, centre, control, efficiency, flow, harmony and precision) are evident in both your child’s movement and their body. These principles teach your child to calm themselves with breathing and to clear their minds with intention. This gives pilates a meditative quality as the moment is mindful and encourages positivity.

When children feel strong mentally and physically, they feel they are on top of the world! BASI Pilates works through a progressive system which makes the exercises achievable and allows for a measured personal progression. This gives any child a sense of achievement at the end of each session.



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