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Pilates in the comfort of your home

Start your Online Pilates practice from home.

The world of online practice is experiencing an incredible expansion, with the pandemic only accelerating what is already a rapidly growing movement. Practicing in front of your device rather than under the watchful eye of an instructor in a Pilates studio offers both advantages and challenges for the novice. However, there seems to be more good than not and so online Pilates is here to stay. To learn more about how Pilates newbies can get the most out of an online-only Pilates practice read on.

The advantages of online Pilates classes:

  • Convenient

  • Saves travel time (squeeze in a session)

  • Work from the comfort of your own space

  • Move with more flow and fewer stops/breaks

  • More of a meditative quality

  • Get a full-body workout

  • More accessible

  • Accountability/Motivation

  • Instant feedback - verbal/visual feedback

  • More privacy (can feel more comfortable moving)

To begin your home practice, have a couple of privates first, and then start integrating yourself into a group. If you have never done Pilates before it can take a little getting used to watching the screen, listening to the verbal instruction, and moving simultaneously.Taking time to learn the fundamentals and the way in which your instructor cues is especially important. It also gives you time to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and address your goals with your instructor going forward.

A typical Pilates studio has both apparatus and equipment. Mat Pilates exercise requires no special equipment other than a mat, making it incredibly accessible and convenient to exercise from home. A creative instructor will make sure you always have a different class that keeps you progressing. Using apparatus, such as a small ball, big ball, foam roller, etc will give you an entirely new feel to your Pilates.

Live Pilates and Pre-Recorded Pilates

When you start your Pilates classes from home, you’ll have the choice of on-demand streaming video, where you stream a pre-recorded (video) workout at your convenience, and live workouts that you stream through a meeting platform. This is typically on Zoom.

There is a difference between the kind of workout you can do from home.

A pre-recorded class (video) offers:

  • Convenience

  • You can pause, rewound, or speed-up

  • Usually a shorter workout

  • Better production values (professional lighting, multiple camera angles, fewer bloopers)

  • Often edited

A live class offers:

  • Convenient in your schedule

  • Space is usually less professional

  • Sound, lighting, and cinematography tend to have basic aesthetic

  • More accountability

  • More motivation

  • Feedback in real-time

  • Sense of community - may be able to see other clients

  • Element of surprise - live interaction of partners/animals, etc.

Doing Pilates online is a safe space to learn and enjoy exercising all while getting stronger, more mobile, and improving your posture.



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