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Staying Fit and Fabulous - Pilates Exercises for a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, celebration, and indulgence. While it's essential to enjoy the festivities, it's equally important to prioritize your health and fitness. Pilates, a versatile and effective exercise method, offers a fantastic way to stay fit and maintain your well-being during this joyful yet out-of-routine-time. Below you will find a range of Pilates exercises that you can incorporate into your holiday routine to keep your body strong, flexible, and energized throughout the season.

Firstly, Establishing a Holiday Fitness Routine:

Set Realistic Goals:

Write your goals down! During the holiday season, it's important to set realistic fitness goals that align with your schedule and commitments. Be mindful of the time and energy you can dedicate to exercise, and aim for consistency rather than intensity. Even short Pilates sessions can make a significant impact on your overall well-being.

Create a Schedule:

To stay on track with your fitness routine, carve out dedicated time for Pilates exercises in your schedule. Treat these exercise sessions as important appointments with yourself and prioritize them accordingly. By setting aside specific times for your workouts, you are more likely to follow through and maintain your fitness routine during the holiday season.

Secondly, Pilates Exercises for Holiday Fitness:


The "Roll-Up" exercise targets the abdominals, spine, and hip flexors, providing a wonderful stretch for the entire back. Begin lying on your back, and slowly roll up to a seated position, articulating each vertebra. Stretch forward, reaching towards your toes, and then slowly roll back down to the starting position. Repeat the movement for several repetitions, focusing on controlled and fluid motion.

Leg Circles:

To engage your core and improve hip mobility, try the "Leg Circles" exercise. Lie on your back, extend one leg towards the ceiling, and draw circles with your foot while keeping your pelvis stable. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, stabilises the hips, and improves coordination.

The Hundred:

Start your Pilates routine with "The Hundred," a classic exercise that engages the core, promotes circulation, and increases overall body awareness. Lie on your back, lift your head and shoulders, and pump your arms up and down while breathing rhythmically.

Side Plank:

The "Side Plank" exercise is excellent for strengthening the core, shoulders, and obliques. Start by lying on your side, prop yourself up on one forearm, and lift your hips off the mat, creating a straight line from head to heels. Hold the position for a few breaths, engaging your core, and then switch sides. You can modify the exercise by bending your bottom knee for added stability.

Basic Back Extension

The "Basic Back Extension" exercise targets the back extensors, promoting spinal extension and upper body strength. Begin lying on your stomach, place your hands next to your shoulders, and press up into a gentle backbend/extension, lifting your upper body off the mat while keeping your pelvis grounded. Focus on lengthening through the spine and maintaining a long neck position. Finish off in your rest position to stretch your lower back.

Exercises from the BASI Pilates MTTC.

Thirdly, Tips for Holiday Fitness Success:

Stay Hydrated:

Maintain proper hydration during the holiday season by drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated supports your overall health, aids in digestion, and enhances exercise performance.

Choose Active Socialising:

Look for opportunities to incorporate physical activity into your holiday gatherings. Organize a group walk, engage in outdoor activities, or encourage your loved ones to join you in a Pilates session. This way, you can combine socializing with staying active.

Practice Mindful Eating:

While indulging in festive treats is part of the holiday experience, be mindful of portion sizes and choose healthier options whenever possible. Listen to your body's hunger and fullness cues, savor each bite, and opt for nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body.

Be Consistent:

Even with a busy holiday schedule, strive for consistency in your Pilates practice. Aim to perform at least a few exercises each day or schedule longer sessions a few times a week.

Consistency is key to maintaining your fitness level and reaping the benefits of Pilates.

Don't let the holiday season derail your fitness journey. With Pilates exercises as your ally, you can stay fit, energized, and centered during this festive time. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, establishing a holiday fitness schedule, and practicing mindful eating, you can maintain your well-being and start the new year feeling strong and fabulous. Embrace the power of Pilates and enjoy a healthy holiday season like never before!



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