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The Core Connection: Interview on James and his experience of BASI Pilates

EnerchiFitness took some time out to ask our committed Pilates client James what his experience of Pilates has been. James has been committed to coming to Pilates twice a week since the beginning of 2023. His goals have been around his general health and wellbeing as well as to support his athletic endeavors. He invested in BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Pilates to work on his weaknesses and improve on his strengths. Let’s listen to what he has had to say about Pilates with Chi at EnerchiFitness.

How long have you been doing pilates?

James has been doing Pilates on and off for a couple of years but more recently weekly since the beginning of this year.

Has Pilates helped your running and what has it done for your running?

Pilates has definitely helped my running. I have found that I have recovered much faster and that my body does not feel as stiff.

Has Pilates helped your cycling and what has it done for your cycling?

Absolutely, it has helped my stabilising muscles as well as the endurance in my big muscles for ultra distance cycling. It has also contributed to the way I breathe giving me more lunge capacity.

What exercises are recommended to you as a runner and cyclist?

  1. Balance exercises

  2. Lots of foot work

  3. Pelvic stability

  4. Good shoulder placement

  5. Core strength

Chi chuckles, "everything", you need it all as an athlete and you want each muscle to fire correctly ad efficiently!

Would you recommend pilates to other athletes?

For sure, if you are wanting longevity of your mind and body I think Pilates is the answer.

Chi’s words about running, cycling, Pilates and James?

James has been consistent in his Pilates training which has been key to his successes in seeing and feeling results. With running being one of the highest impact sports on joints and ligaments, our biomechanics and stabilizing muscles are especially important. Cycling, on the other hand, requires a high level of stability to keep balance while moving at speed. Pilates allows the whole body to mindfully get stronger, more flexible, have better balance and proprioception, ankle/hip/knee stability, core strength, improved alignment and posture. An efficient gait cycle and full range of motion and muscular strength is important to running and cycling further, faster, efficiently and injury-free. Beyond making an athlete a better athlete, Pilates is functional movement, making everyone who chooses to indulge in Pilates, a more balanced individual who can simply move better. Every person’s mind, body and soul is different and addressing the whole is something we take pride in at EnerchiFitness.



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