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The power of consistency: Just show up!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

When training, racing and or completing so much goes into the coaching structure. If you do not implement a periodised training plan allowing for the development of a larger aerobic base, speed and strength, flexibility and the likes, you will not get faster, or stronger. As an athlete, you will eventually get to a point where you will stagnate. You will, however, feel the benefits if you allow for a slow and consistent progressive overload and a variant of training stimuli. The process is stimuli and progressive overload with adequate recovery and sufficient time for adaptation. This will result in small changes, leading to big achievable goals.

Equally so, when doing BASI Pilates a full-body workout is incorporated especially for each individual’s body to make your body stronger, more balanced, mobile, and pain-free. By working through the fundamental, intermediate and perhaps even the advanced repertoire with appropriate cueing, intention for precision and a good understanding of each exercise with a focus on the BASI Principles, your body will learn corrective movement patters to allow for greater functional movement.

The key is that feeling physical benefits comes with consistency… so I remind you, the first step always is to do this for you. Just show up!



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