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What is happiness to you?

I am happy.

And please please, do not let social media fool you - I am not happy all of the time. I don’t know anyone that is happy all of the time. We are all here having a very real human experience and the world is a crazy place.

I have been thinking a lot lately (wild, right?). And I am living in alignment with what I want and I am EXACTLY where I need to be, right now, here (besides the fact that I am in beautiful Switzerland… because this post is not about that). I am clear about how I want to feel and I have been working incredibly hard at making sure I do small things every day that assist me to get there. I have not got here alone - I have had to ask for help along the way. This has been hard. I have had to trust myself and lean into it.

So all I can say is that whatever you are moving through - I hope you give yourself space and grace to feel it, of course, without labels, without judgement. Know and feel it - none of this will last. Hold yourself in integrity and constantly re-align yourself with what matters most to YOU. Check-in with yourself often and be kind to yourself when you deviate from your truth. You are brave enough to trust yourself and on days when things feel hard because there will be days when it feels impossible, I hope you have at least one good person in your corner that reminds you that you can be big, brave things because you are. Remind yourself that you will need to change if you want something to change! I hope your desires fuel your growth and I hope you appreciate how much will happen in the moments in between the “big moments”.

I am often reminded that it is all the small moments that make the “big moments” big, anyways. Give yourself enough space for surprises - life loves a good surprise! I hope that above all, you know that as you read this, right now, you are worthy of abundance, of absolutely everything you desire. Sure, it will take work - it will take letting go. The good news is that you don’t have to be anyone but exactly who you are, to be worthy of all which you desire - love, joy, peace, happiness, excitement and abundance. Whatever it may be… choose to be real. You are worthy. Practice feeling this way, every, single, day.

Photos taken from: Lake Geneva



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