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Why going with the FLOW in life and Pilates is so important

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Last week I had about 10 clients message me to give Pilates a “break” from online or in-studio training. My heart dropped as I choked up some tears in my throat. My job gives my life so much meaning! I flipping LOVE what I do and really believe in the work that each and every one of my clients gets weekly. My job energises me!

With all these changes to my schedule, today looked like this:

  • I had coffee in bed.

  • Took an hour of Pilates online (with Terence in my class - which is always special).

  • I had a late cancellation from a client. At the same time, unexpectedly my mom arrived at my house to collect some things and we ended up going for a lovely walk together. We spoke about love, and life and how the biggest gift we can give ourselves is “self-work”.

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