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Baby bounce with expert Johlet

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Johlet is a fellow BASI instructor with 7+ years of experience. She loves working with groups as she feeds off their energy.

Johlet owns Timeless Retreats, where she plans and hosts all-female Wellness Retreats in and around South Africa. Her classes will leave you feeling strong, aligned and wanting more! Our go-to name for Johlet is drill sergeant.

She has 2 little toddlers running around. Since becoming a mom she realised how difficult it is to find time for movement. So she developed Baby Bounce. The babywearing workout on a Rebounder for the parent on the run.

Baby Bounce consists of 6 babywearing and 6 preggy bounce workouts. Bringing her Pilates knowledge to the movements ensures everything is done safely and controlled. Are you a parent with limited time? Then Baby Bounce is for you! Johlet helps you stay active during and after pregnancy with short informative workouts on the Rebounder. All while bonding with your baby, inside and out of the belly.

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