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Col de la Saxel

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Col de la Saxel is a perfect mid-week mission!

The ascent starts at Pont de Fillinges. 12.3 km long, it presents no difficulty, the slope being quite regular and not exceeding 5.5% over only 175 m. It is divided into two parts following the D20:

  1. From Pont de Fillinges to Boëge: it will not be completely pleasant over 7.4 km because the car traffic is quite intense but the road is wide enough to be a minimum of safety. The view of the Vallée Verte will open up from Curseille. The approach to Boëge is very easy with a slight descent.

  2. From Boëge to the Col de Saxel: you stay on the D20 but it will completely change in appearance with a pleasant rural setting and above all, you will gain a beneficial tranquility because the traffic flow will rather follow the D22. The road undulates for 4.9 km on a very regular slope at 4.5/5%. The Col de Saxel is reached at an altitude of 943m just outside the small village of Saxel.



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