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“I look at myself as a 79 year old and I believe that Pilates has kept me young" - John.

Read on to find out more about John’s Pilates journey.

1. What made you decide to start Pilates of all exercises and how long have you been doing it?

I decided to do Pilates because I'd reached a stage in my life where I was no longer playing active sport. I played tennis all my adult years and at the age of about 60 I felt I needed to keep going and Pilates was a good mix of aerobic, anaerobic, muscle and of balance and it just felt a good fit for me. It was also something my wife was keen on which made a difference.

2. How has Pilates changed your way of living/your body?

I think what it's made me aware of is the importances of one's core in maintaining one's health and also in a strange way (although it's not as profound as yoga) you get into the zone. One has to be focused when you're doing Pilates exercises and that mental focus is powerful.

3. In a couple of words describe your feelings about Pilates?