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“I look at myself as a 79 year old and I believe that Pilates has kept me young" - John.

Read on to find out more about John’s Pilates journey.

1. What made you decide to start Pilates of all exercises and how long have you been doing it?

I decided to do Pilates because I'd reached a stage in my life where I was no longer playing active sport. I played tennis all my adult years and at the age of about 60 I felt I needed to keep going and Pilates was a good mix of aerobic, anaerobic, muscle and of balance and it just felt a good fit for me. It was also something my wife was keen on which made a difference.

2. How has Pilates changed your way of living/your body?

I think what it's made me aware of is the importances of one's core in maintaining one's health and also in a strange way (although it's not as profound as yoga) you get into the zone. One has to be focused when you're doing Pilates exercises and that mental focus is powerful.

3. In a couple of words describe your feelings about Pilates?

Enriching, strengthening, essential to wellbeing, invigorating, and sustaining.

4. What is your favorite exercise and apparatus?

I have no favorite exercise in Pilates. I have ones that I find come more easily than others but I think for that to be called a favorite is probably being idle and dropping out. I think probably my favorite one is in fact ones that are associated with press ups and planking and balancing in a plank position have been good for me, and the side lying leg lifts has been good for me in terms of my core. Favorite apparatus? That’s a difficult one, as I don’t really have a favourite but if I need to choose it would be the weights or therabands.

5. In one sentence, convince someone to start Pilates.

I look at myself as a 79 year old and I look at others the same age and I believe that Pilates has kept me young.

6. Testimonial:

Johlet has a wonderful sense of humor, she has subtly increased the tempo of our classes so that 6 or 7 years ago after I started with Johlet after doing Pilates for 10 years it became very clear to me that Johlet was a cut above the rest. Her attention to detail, her ensuring correct posture at all times, not assuming that one ever knows and learns the exercises fully and the fact that she has always guaranteed variety, even in the routine exercises there are sublte variations which make the exercises more interesting more enjoyable and I think probably very cleverly more demanding. But the attention to detail, the variation and the sense of humor are quite wonderful.

7. What's your 2023 Pilates goals?

I can’t believe that I can get better, I think I have probably platod my level of performance. I want to ensure that I sustain the level of Pilates and core level that I have now.

We are so pleased that our Enerchifitness instructor, Johlet, is keeping John happy and healthy!



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