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Interviewing Tash on her pregnancy and Pilates journey.

"The Pilates movement helped A LOT when I was pregnant!"

1. What made you decide to start Pilates of all exercises and how long have you been doing it?

Tash: I decided to do Pilates because of my back, neck and posture. I struggled with a lot of headaches and a stiff back and neck. I was recommended Pilates and I've been doing it on and off for 5 years now.

2. How has Pilates changed your way of living/your body? Especially with your line of work and pre and post-pregnancy?

Tash: I'm a jewellery designer and maker so I sit in a poor bent-over position for long hours while working with fine details. Pilates has changed my way of work because my core is stronger and my posture is better while I sit at my jewellery workstation. Pilates has helped me strengthen all the muscles I need to make my work more comfortable and has given me more awareness whilst doing so. The strength and awareness are even more evident in my pregnancy journey. Having a stronger back and core really helped me towards the end of the pregnancy when I got bigger. I had no discomfort or pain during my pregnancy thanks to Pilates. I did classes right up until a week before giving birth. Once my son was born my recovery was so much easier and faster and I started my classes again at 7 weeks Postpartum which was incredible.

3. In 3 words describe your feelings about Pilates?

Tash: Necessary! Game changer!

4. What is your favourite exercise and small equipment/apparatus?

Tash: The small ball and pelvic curls.

5. In one sentence, convince someone to start Pilates.

Tash: Johlet sells it best, and like she always tells us. You are here because one of the reasons is that we want to age North and not South😉! Also, it helps with mobility and back pain.

6. Testimonial:

Tash: Johlet is very knowledgeable, and her classes are interactive and fun. During my pregnancy, I always felt safe and knew I was in the best hands possible. I could not have gone through my pregnancy without her classes.

7. What are your 2023 Pilates goals?

Tash: In 2023 I want to continue getting stronger, especially in my upper back and core. I am 37 and want to have another baby I want to stay strong to be able to go through the pregnancy with ease.

Yippie Yay - we are so glad that Tash is loving her classes with Johlet and we are super excited to watch you get stronger for baba number 2.

Johlet's teaching schedule can be found on: website.

Our client: tashaswart.creations

Photographer: @kellymae_photography



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