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Lynda Schutte tells us about how Pilates with Rebecca saved her life!

Lynda tell us about you and your lifestyle and how did you get into Pilates? I was born in 1946, married with two children and 4 grandchildren and a great-grandson.

I live a very active life and volunteer for an organisation called CHOC childhood cancer foundation S.A. I was a nursery school teacher, mother and wife. I have always been very active in my family’s lives and in the community so when towards the end of 2021 I suddenly developed terrible lower back pain which went into my right thigh and leg and could hardly walk. This condition was due to treatment I had for breast cancer about 17 years ago after surgery undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. I was mentally down and depressed. After scans, it was reported it was the after-effects of all my treatment years ago at the age of 59 from breast cancer. I was on the way to spend 6 weeks with my grandchildren and great-grandson in the UK and was very down and depressed. I was in a wheelchair for my stay in the UK and came home feeling miserable and simply just not myself.

Towards the end of February, I was looking for someone to contact to do physio and then Rebecca introduced me to Pilates. I had nothing to lose and so decided that I would give it a go. That is when the journey that would change my life happened - Pilates. I cannot thank her enough for the journey she patiently took me on. To cut a long story short the same year 2021 I went back to the UK to stay with the same family again but this time with no wheelchair and felt so excited for the family to see how well and motivated I was. I could really enjoy absolutely every walk and every shop we visited and life was great!

Describe your feelings about Pilates. What Pilates has done for me is amazing and my family would equally agree. I live with no more pain and I can live life to the full both in mind body and soul. Rebecca patiently worked with me and my Pilates path gave me a new lease on life. I saw how much pilates was helping me I worked hard every second day at home.

What is your favourite apparatus to use in Pilates?

I have no favourite apparatus at all - the simple mat gave me my strength back and for that, I will forever be grateful for it. Rebecca honestly helped me and I always let her know if I felt any pain or discomfort with any of the apparatus that we were using. We have a very trusting relationship with each other. I think this is key to success.

I would like to recommend Pilates to any person no matter what age you are. Life is for living in this moment that is all we are sure of. Pilates has taught me to trust my body and listen to it. There is no reason to be in discomfort or pain. I now exercise as often as I can at home between my Pilates classes with Rebecca even if it is just 10 minutes. Consistency makes all the difference.

Thank you, Rebecca and the team for all you have done for me and I look forward to our future journey together.



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