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The beach kind of beach bum.

Are you looking for those summer glutes? Of course, you are. We all are!

Strengthening your glutes can lead to improved speed, acceleration and explosive power. More than this, it gives you functional movement and more efficient movement patterns throughout the body. Oh yes, and it looks good too.

Here are 5 exercises that you can do this summer holiday.

1. Delicious Squat Stand with your back up against the wall, knees bent and feet parallel and flat on the floor. Hold your abdominals by using a deep inhale and exhale.

Level 1 - Start by holding for 30 seconds

Level 2 - Build it up to 60 seconds.

2. Prone Glute Raise

Lie on your abdominals with one bent knee and hands at your forehead. Relax your shoulders and think wide scapular. Draw up from your abdominals and ensure your hips and pubic synthesis are equally pushing into the mat. Squeeze your glutes and bend on your knee and lift the leg up to the sky. The lifted leg is in hip extension.

Level 1 - 10 per leg

Level 2 - 15 per leg

3. Hamstrings curl with the ball/on a chair

Lie on your back with your arms down to your side and legs straight and on the ball. Push your heels into the ball and curl up and back down.

Level 1 - just push your heels down and in towards your gluts and then release

Level 2 - do 20 curls up

Level 3 - do 30 curls up

Level 4 - do the same exercise with bent knees and keep the knees bent throughout the movement

4. Lunch I mean lunge

Place one foot in front of the other and bend both knees. Keep your hips stable and back straight. Make sure your abdominals are engaged. Focus on good form.

Level 1 - 15 lunges per leg

Level 2 - 25 lunges per leg

5. Shells and Clams

Lie on your side and bend your knees in. Your heels need to be in line with your sitting bones. Open the top leg up and keep your heels together.

Level 1 - 15 per leg

Level 2 - 25 per leg

Feeling beachy and peachy yet? We thought so. Happy holidays.



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