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The day I did my biggest climb on the bike 😅😛😬

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

📍Col de la Colombière

Today's route was inspired by doing one of the iconic @letourdefrance climbs and it was humbling to have journeyed up the mountain that these champions have conquered. It was a mythical experience counting down all 14-kilometre markers as Stu and I climbed higher into the clouds and mist.

As we gained altitude, the weather got colder and the rain poured more heavily. Each switchback was differently beautiful which made up for the weather. It was even more exciting to see the restaurant at the summit than the signboard that indicated we had reached the top. We enjoyed a French lunch (and coffee!) and then whizzed and wound our way back down the wet mountain. A day in the mountains is a day with a full heart.



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