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Training, racing and why on earth do I do it?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Where on earth can you take me… where are we off to? I have always said races take you places! I see life as an adventure and so is training and racing! Training is what I call quality breathing. It has given me everything I’ve needed each day to keep me going! It’s amazing how sometimes we need to lose our breath to find our breath, lose a busy mind to find nourishing thoughts. It is this “being”, this automatic response which kicks in that gives me a sense of center. Training gives me the gift of perspective - who am I and where am I going! It’s my checklist, my structure, my working progress and it need not be my “best” training set, but each set gives me exactly what I need on that day. It’s my deep sense of knowing that steps in. To me, that is beauty, self-love and truly being present, a meditative quality, spiritual mind-body-soul space, and place. I race, to train. I’m a big believer in doing small things every day that you love, things that fulfill you and make you feel good about who you are and what you are contributing to this world! Training gives me this. Racing is just piecing all the juicy parts of training together and enjoying the next journey.



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