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Who is your Pilates Instructor Rebecca?

I am an incredibly devoted woman, who truly loves to give. I absolutely love helping people, in whatever way that may be. I know that if asked, I would do whatever I can and do my utmost best to help achieve the dream, idea, goal or ‘space’ in life.

I am incredibly caring and understanding. I have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. So that I can listen more. I take absolute pride in all my efforts in life. This extends from taking care of my family members to teaching and nurturing newborn babies to 6-year-olds at Montessori preschools to then looking after children and teens of all ages in hospitals throughout my community service with CHOC. I am an absolutely devoted Pilates Instructor because I love making people feel good about themselves. I love re-creating, re-educating and reconnecting myself to myself, people and all elements of life.

I have 3 children with 4 legs. I know, you should’ve seen my face when I found out! I love animals, the moon, the stars, the sun, each grain of sand and all the way back again. I love the gift of life.

Helping others sets my soul alight, and I am just a positive, some say ‘full-of-beans’ kind of woman. I am very enthusiastic and positive to take you on your EnerchiFitness Pilates Journey.



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