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Why should you have a cycling-specific coach?

Whether you ride a tri-bike, mountain bike, road bike or anything with two wheels that go around and around (without a motor), being sport coached specifically for the bicycle will benefit you.

Getting yourself a coach allows cyclists a training programme tailored for your goals as well

as accountability. If you do not implement a periodised training plan allowing for the development of a larger aerobic base, speed, strength, flexibility and the likes you will not

get faster or stronger. As a cyclist, you will eventually get to a point where you will stagnate.

A coach offers a consistent progressive overload and a variant of training stimuli with adequate time for adaption and recovery.

Typically a cycling program does not just include only cycling training but also a cross-training platform to strengthen and stretch the whole body, building strong cycling-specific movement patterns, as well as balancing out the repetitive cycling motion. A special focus on cyclising specific muscles is considered: quadriceps, hamstrings in the upper leg, gastrocnemius and soleus in calf, neck, shoulders, tibialis anterior and posterior, adductors and lateral flexor stabilisers. If these muscles are not in balance to the rest of the body (or the bike is not set up correctly) or the muscles are not working efficiently, injuries can occur. Taking individual needs and goals into consideration

is what benefits a cyclist the most!

Chi prides herself on being a great coach when it comes to creating body-awareness both on the bike and in your everyday living. This awareness creates a

re-education allowing for prevention of injury, increased mobility, core strength and functional posture on and off the bike. Here the focus is on loading the upper girdle with an isometrically flexed spine and moving lower limbs through power, and good cadence. A strong core will take unnecessary lateral and rotational movement on the bike which will use up additional energy. Chi takes special care in considering that the body is well balanced for an optimal ride with an efficient pedal stroke giving you your best ride.


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