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Working the side body - no more love-handles

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It is finally time to say goodbye to those love handles! Working the side of the body ensures a strong, stable core and better posture. Working and stretching your lats, obliques, and hip extensors, helps you achieve greater flexibility and a larger range of motion.

Perform these exercises 3 x a week for a month and you will notice a difference in your side body strength and flexibility!

1. Side Bends and Twist

Muscle focus: obliques and shoulder stretch and stabilisation.

Lift the pelvis off the ground then reach the top arm over. You can add a greater challenge by rotating the torso and reaching the top arm under the body.

2. Saw

Muscle focus: hamstrings stretch, back extensors and obliques.

Rotate your trunk, reach forward as the back arm internally rotates, hinge forward, round the upper back, extend the upper back and stack the spine on the diagonal then make an L and then T with the arm and rotate back to starting position.

3. Spine Twist

Muscle focus: obliques and back extensors and trunk mobility.

Rotate the torso twice to one side keeping the legs and hips stable.

4. Side Kicks and Side Kick kneeling

Muscle focus: abdominals and back extensors.

Move your leg forward twice and back twice and keep your trunk nicely stable. You can make the exercise more challenging by going up on your knee.

5. Side Reach

Muscle focus: obliques and back extensors.

Lift your torso up and off the floor and stabilise from under your armpit. You can make the exercise more challenging by adding straight legs.

Remember to work both sides of the body evenly and equally so that you are strong and long on both sides of your body!



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