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Additional arm work with weights

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Arm exercises are fantastic. When you work your arms you get two for the price of one: you work your arms and your core at the same time. Arm exercises train the muscles in your arms, shoulders, upper girdle and back extensors which help you to work in harmony and balance. This leads to better stability, and more efficient movement patterns whether using your arms on a daily basis or in sport.

The following exercises can also be done with your feet on the floor and your pelvis in neutral. For a greater challenge lift the legs up to bent ninety degrees.

Exercise 1: Extension

Lower the arms to either side of the body and then lift them back up.

Exercise 2: Adduction

Start with the arms in line with your shoulders out in a T position. Bring the arms down to your hips and back up.

Exercise 3 and 4: Up and Down Circles

Lift the arms perpendicular, open them out to a T position and adduct the arms, then rotate the arms from the shoulder so that the palms are facing down to the carriage, then return to the starting position. Reverse the circles to do Circles Down.

Exercise 5: Triceps

Keeping the arms long against the sides with your palms facing down, bend the elbows and return to long arms.

Exercise 1: Biceps Curls

Start with the arms long and bend the elbows.

Exercise 2: Biceps Curls and Shoulder Control

Start with the arms long and out to the side and bend the elbows in.

Exercise 3: Single Arm Triceps

Bend the elbow behind the head while keeping the neck long and then extend the arm up to the ceiling and back down.

Exercise 4 (Picture 4 and 5): Shoulder Press

Arms at bent 90 degrees and push the arms up the ceiling and back down.

Exercise 5 (Picture 6): Tricep Extention double arms

Hinge forward with bend elbows and straighten the arms fully.

Happy training those arms!



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