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How do we connect the mind to the body?

Checking in with your body and mind can be challenging but the more we make it practice the easier it becomes to honour what we are needing every year, month, week, day and hour. Choose to be more present with yourself and make space for you to grow.

Here are 5 ways to help you connect your mind to your body.

1. Make space - find time to just simply be. This can be sitting on a chair, lying on a couch, spending time in the garden or doing Pilates.

2. Relax - as you start to let your body just “be” notice what it needs and what it feels. Let the thoughts just come and go as you notice the awareness that rises within you. Honour what your body is telling you and be gentle with yourself.

3. Breathe - make your breathing deliberate at first. Breathe in deeply and then push out the exhale. After a couple of breaths slowly deepen the breathing.

4. Move - allow your body to gently move. Tingle your toes, move your wrists and neck and just allow the body to reposition itself.

5. Listen - Start to listen to the body and move mindfully instead of mindlessly.



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