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Interview with Annie Osterloh to find out how Pilates has helped her in the lead-up to Comrades.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

1. Annie, tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle.

I’ve always been a social runner and this year I decided I would tackle the Comrades marathon. Having struggled with ITB for years I knew doing a distance like comrades would require more than just running and that looking after and balancing my whole body was going to be vital.

2. How long have you been doing Pilates?

I have done Pilates on and off for a few years but have committed regularly from March this year. This makes it 6 months of consistent training.

3. Has Pilates helped your ultra-running and in what way?

Absolutely. Having focused on strengthening, stretching, and activating important muscle groups, I believe Pilates has helped mitigate injuries and kept me moving through bigger training blocks.

4. What exercises are you recommended to you as a runner?

As I mentioned, ITB has been a struggle for me, so glute work is vital. I have also spent time strengthening my hamstring, and abductors and making sure my core was in the best shape. Pilates has helped balance out my body and enabled me to pick up on tight areas and imbalances before they become issues.

5. What has the journey of Pilates shown you as a comrade’s competitor?

It is important to look after your whole body. During hard training periods and for recovery, Pilates has only been good for my body.

6. Would you recommend Pilates to other athletes?

Definitely. It has allowed me to push for longer during important training blocks and speed up recovery time.



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