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“Pilates my lifesaver!” - Written by Johlet Dalais’s client Laura Craig

1. What made you decide to start Pilates of all exercises and how long have you been doing it?

I started Pilates in 2019 after our yoga instructor left Hoedspruit. I had heard a lot about Pilates but never had the opportunity to try it until my daughter discovered Johlet’s classes at African Summer Spa.

2. How has Pilates changed your body and the way you go about your day-to-day activities? Also, how has it impacted your horse riding and injuries?

When I started Pilates I found I was actually unfit, not as supple as I thought I was and I discovered muscles I had never used before, even though I am an avid horse rider!

The first few months were ‘hell’ as I pushed through the pain. However, I am extremely glad I persevered. I find that I am stronger and fitter throughout my body. The exercises have helped stabilize my back injury by strengthening my core. The leg work has also saved my life. I struggle with a hockey injury which tore my anterior cruciate ligament and cartilage, leaving my knee joint bone on bone. The ACL replacement helped a bit, but Pilates has strengthened my legs, which has helped support my knee and reduce the pain and inflammation. This in turn has helped improve my riding strength, stability and balance. I am an overall happier person since starting Pilates and I fear stopping and losing what I have gained from it.

3. In three words describe your feelings about Pilates.

My life saver!

4. What is your favorite exercise and small equipment/apparatus?

I love all the exercises as I know their value. Although, I enjoy working with the ball.

5. In once sentence, convince someone to start Pilates.

Pilates is a brilliant form of ‘whole body’ exercise.

6. Testimonial

In my many, many years of doing aerobics, yoga and various other forms of exercise, I have always found that instructors tell you to ‘do’ an exercise. Johlet is the first instructor who explains in detail ‘how’ to do an exercise, breaking it down into smaller movements. She explains the muscle groups, and the benefits, and corrects when one is doing it incorrectly. She also explains modifications for class members with injuries or those not fit enough to tackle the full exercise yet. I find Johlet fun and yet professional in every aspect. She is definitely the best instructor I have had!



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