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Travelling stretches for the festive season

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Pack these 8 exercises into your travel bag.

Any changes to your usual nighttime routine or spending long hours at an airport, sitting in the car or on a train or moving from one location to the next can cause different types of bodily discomforts.

To both relieve this physical stress and find a sense of calm in the rush, consider practising a few stretches. This can be done before you leave your location, during your travels or even when you arrive at your new location. Pack these exercises into your travel bag and use them as you need them.

1. Neck stretch.

2. Roll down - get spinal mobility and a stretch through the back line of the body.

3. Cat stretch (against a ball, at a chair or on your travel bag) - stretch the spine and work your abdominals.

4. Gluteus stretch.

5. Quadricep stretch.

6. Hamstrings stretch.

7. Lateral flexion stretch - stretching the side of the body.

8. Upper back extension work and stretch.

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